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Immune Function

The status of chiropractic health affects immune function within the human body. Long-term chiropractic care provides benefits to recipients.

Subluxations can negatively affect the body's immune response by interfering with the communication link between the nervous system and the immune system. The nervous system is in direct control of the body's immune system and that interfering with it in any way can adversely affect how it functions. Any malfunction of the body, especially a malfunction of the immune system, will cause the body to become unhealthy. Chiropractic adjustments correct spinal subluxations and help restore this communication link.

With the immune system under direct control of the nervous system, chiropractic treatment is important to a healthy and fully functioning immune system. It has been found that people under chiropractic care have stronger immune systems than those who are not. Everyone who wants a properly functioning immune system should have their spines checked on a regular basis.

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