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Inflammation is a reaction in the tissue from an injury or infection, and has a huge effect on our health. Chronic inflammation has been linked to heart disease, reduced immune functioning, IBS, arthritis, cancer, weight gain, and depression. It can also result with a loss in regular and functional movement, as well as arthritis, joint dysfunction, and soft tissue irritation. Fortunately, many studies have found that chiropractic has a positive effect on inflammation, providing numerous health benefits apart from pain relief.

When utilizing chiropractic care, your central nervous system is able to pass messages effectively between your brain and your immune system, causing it to function optimally and prevent pain-related issues before they even begin. However, should inflammation develop, your body naturally raises the levels of certain anti-inflammatory agents after receiving chiropractic adjustments, which allows it to effectively heal on its own. This means that you can improve and feel great without having to take any types of drugs or other unnatural substances to rid your body of inflammation. Overall, chiropractic reduces inflammation and increases healing.

Miller Place Chiropractor | Inflammation. Dr. Richard Nebiosini is a Miller Place Chiropractor.